Beer Beautiful

February 23, 2016

This Event has Ended

Chef de Cuisine Giovanni Gadiano of The Patio On Lamont is joined by Executive Chef Craig Jimenez of Supernatural Sandwiches for a three course meal plus amuse and dessert, paired with five selections from Coedo Brewery.




SHIRO – hefeweizen

cucumber maki / shrimp tempura / avocado foam / mango / tamarindo
1st course

RURI – pilsner

corned beef tongue rillette / onsen egg / charred pearl onions / puffed rice / scallion
2nd course

BENIAKA – sweet potato amber

salt baked pink grouper / tokyo scallions / sweet potato gyoza / tamarind swordfish marrow broth / bokchoy
3rd course

SHIKKOKU – black lager

roasted pork belly lechon / aerated foie gras /  blood gravy / spicy atcharra / mongo bean

KYARA – India pale lager

ginger snap / white chocolate ganache / orange vanilla foam

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