Get to Know Chef Eddie Zamarripa

Every week, Eddie’s Supper Club delights guests with an authentic Baja California-inspired meal, thanks to the hard work and passion put in by Chef Eddie Zamarripa. As Sous Chef at The Patio on Lamont, Chef Eddie’s career is driven not by aspirations of grandeur, but motivations of passion, love, and family.

A Lifetime in the Kitchen

Born and raised in Tijuana, Chef caught the bug for cooking as a child, helping his mother in the kitchen prepare meals. At 13 years old, he took the opportunity to work as a dishwasher in a professional kitchen with his uncle, a chef at the historic White House Restaurant in Laguna Beach across the border.

Through his teenage years, Chef Eddie would return to the restaurant every summer. To some it may have been just another temporary job, but to him, it was an opportunity to learn from the best. After graduating from high school, Chef officially moved to the US and began to learn under his uncle-turned-mentor. Chef Eddie recalls how hard his uncle was on him during those years, but even as a fresh-faced teenager, he understood why: the kitchen is a tough place to be, and working in one for a living requires a special set of skills to succeed.

Making His Mark in San Diego

He won’t admit it, but Chef Eddie’s had an incredible influence across San Diego. He made an impact as Executive Chef at Cafe Pacifica, earning accolades for his inventive seafood dishes which mixed old-school home-grown cooking with new-school techniques. He’s also consulted for restaurants throughout the county – if you’ve eaten at a Mexican restaurant in Old Town or North County, Chef Eddie’s probably had a hand in it.

Cooking with Passion

With Eddie’s Supper Club, Chef aims not only to cook his favorite meals, but also to show everyone the home-cooked cuisine that gave him a desire to pursue a culinary career. To Chef Eddie, cooking isn’t just “work” – it’s a display of love, motivated by a passion for family. This includes traditional family-style Mexican dishes such as birria, a stew with braised lamb or goat, and barbacoa, a large slab of meat marinated with chile peppers and slow-cooked to perfection.

Unselfish, considerate, and unwaveringly dedicated, Eddie Zamarripa is the heart and soul of the culinary team at The Patio on Lamont. Whether it’s an incredible Asian-fusion seafood dish, or a large batch of traditional homemade mole, Chef Eddie ensures that his creations are driven by a passion for cooking, and an appreciation for the ingredients themselves.

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